Skills and Strengths

Achiever: My achiever skill comes from my dedication to hard work. Due to this, I have consistently come out on top of my classes, been offered many scholarships, and had many professional, academic and extracurricular opportunities, such as the opportunity to study abroad in Northern Ireland on a fully paid scholarship with the Irish American Scholars Program.

Analytical: My strength as an analyst is prevalent in my status as a planner. I believe in fully understanding and planning for the potential causes and effects of a situation before undertaking steps toward a goal. This has helped me prevent situations which may negatively impact my future and helped me plan my future. The most prevalent example of this would have been my weighing of the decision to major in Art History as well as Anthropology/Sociology. I eventually weighed the benefits and problems and ultimately decided that I could complete the secondary major, and it will help me in my chosen career path of Museum Administration.

Arranger: My strength as an arranger likewise comes from my mindset as a planner. I have always been organized, as is prevalent in my methodology of laying out the different requirements and steps in written form before starting a project. However, I recognize that some steps may not always work the way I want them to, so am sure to build time to revaluate in order to complete a task to the best and most efficient of my ability. For example, when I was applying for my Fulbright scholarship, I was required to find an affiliate institution in South Africa. I made sure that I scheduled myself to send out my letter requesting affiliation over two months in advance because I knew that it would be difficult to find someone who would grant me affiliation.

Command: My skill in command comes largely through the leadership roles I have taken over the years. From developing and running my own food drive, to acting as the assistant director in Cyrano de Bergerac, to acting as the chief supplies and organization employee at HomeGrown Decatur, I have always found myself in a leadership role.

Context: My strength in considering context comes from my interest in history (both artistic and otherwise), as well as Anthropology/Sociology. Most recently, this has manifested itself in considerations of the ways the colonial history and post-colonial manifestation of the institution of the museum has impacted “non-western” people through the othering of their art and cultures. This inspired a Fulbright research project on the way the institution of apartheid in South Africa impacted the museum, which in turn impacted black South African art and artist communities.

Focus: My strength in focus comes from my organization skills, my own innate stubbornness, and my skill as an arranger. It is not difficult for me to decide on a course of action and undertake it. An example of this is my time abroad. I knew going into Agnes Scott that I wanted to study abroad in Ireland. Recognizing this, I worked with my SUMMIT advisor and the study abroad advisors to develop a plan which eventually led to my being awarded a place with the Irish American Scholars Program and an acceptance to study at Queens University in Belfast.

Significance: My skill in significance comes from my strength in command, my organization skills, and my wish to make a difference in my field. I hope to bring to light the way museums cause inequalities, a project which I am already starting with my Fulbright project and my research on socioeconomic accessibility to museums. I believe that this will set the groundwork for a successful career working in a critiquing museums and their practices.