Art History Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a major in Art History or Studio Art from Agnes Scott College will be able to:

  • Demonstrate written communication skills (use appropriate sentence structure and vocabulary, organize ideas to support a position, identify a subject and formulate a thesis, document sources according to accepted professional style)
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills (compose thorough visual analyses, analyze works for medium and subject, analyze scholarly arguments, translate concepts across fields or mediums)
  • Demonstrate oral communication skills (organize an oral argument in logical sequence, use works of art effectively, give and receive constructive feedback during peer reviews and critiques, demonstrate professional demeanor, speak clearly in a well modulated tone, target communication for a specific audience, exhibit good listening skills)
  • Demonstrate process and practice skills (demonstrate knowledge of materials; integrate knowledge, practice, and application).
  • Take responsibility for direction of education; articulate areas of future development or inquiry).
  • Embrace experiential learning and take responsibility for education (attend events at the Dalton Gallery or other campus events; participate in activities off-campus with artists, galleries, museums, and other venues; connect with the larger art world regionally, nationally, and internationally; articulate paths for future development of individual research).